RESPECT Code - Distance Learning

We know from previous lockdowns that everyone has different experiences of learning at home and this can come in waves of success and struggle. We have adapted and shared our in school RESPECT Code to capture the different experiences we are all having and to guide us in the choices, decisions and approaches we all make as we adapt to the challenges distance learning.    

Remember People can be anxious about being seen or heard online. Rarely are teachers invited into people’s homes or parents and children invited into a teacher’s home – we will all get it right and wrong, let’s respect and try to understand each other, giving each other time and showing patience.
Education Aim high in our learning and try our best. Some days are more successful than others - recognise any, and all effort being more successful than none. One day at a time!  
Social Make the best use of the social side of remote education and remember that other people can see, read and look at what we all do – THINK and be socially safe and kind!
Participate  Try to join in, there are often lots of children on TEAMS (and the other computer programs we use) and a teacher in charge. It can be quite hard doing calls with lots of people so you may not always get the same attention that you’d receive in class. Don’t let that put you off!
Effort At home don’t rely on your family to help you straightaway. If you were in school, you’d be asked to have a go before you asked for help (Trinity Tricks). Try your best - nobody can ask more than that!
Community Let’s show understanding of each other in all we do. Everyone has good days and bad days, busy days and quiet ones. We want to do our best at school and you want to do your best at home – we are all human and get things right and wrong – encouraging, forgiving and being supportive strengthens our community!
Together Now more than ever we are in it together – let’s get through this and look forward to better times ahead!

Thankfulness, Trust, Respect, Truthfulness, Hope, Responsibility