Themes provide a rich and engaging way of teaching some of the foundation subjects which have shared or interconnected knowledge. Each theme has a main subject area (and sometimes 2) which is the basis for the majority of skills, knowledge and vocabulary taught. They will also have one or more additional subject areas which are required to support children's understanding and enable them to use and build upon prior knowledge. 

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Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum provides children with high quality learning opportunities which inspire curiosity and fascination about art, architecture and design and encourages children’s personal creativity and passion for the subject. Children are taught art and design knowledge, including about notable artists, architects and designers, which helps them to understand the subject and how it reflects and shapes history and impacts the world around them.  

The planned art and design knowledge and skills enable our children to learn about and form their own opinions on notable artists and artworks, become proficient in the specific art, craft and design skills which allows them to produce their own work, and evaluate and analyse their own creative works. 

Art and Design Long Term Plan

Design Technology

Our Design Technology curriculum provides children with high quality learning opportunities which inspire them to use their creativity and imagination to solve real and relevant problems. 

Children are taught to design, make and evaluate products applying the technical knowledge of structures (including fabrics), mechanisms and electrical systems. Many of these products are directly linked to the Theme or science unit being studied in order to give real-life context and understanding. 

Cooking (Due to the location and size of our cooking room, we will be implementing this aspect of the curriculum as soon as restrictions allow)

Through carefully planned termly cooking opportunities, children develop the essential skills needed to be able to cook nutritionally balanced food items and meals with increasing confidence and complexity.  

Design Technology Long Term Plan


Our geography curriculum provides children with high quality learning opportunities which inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Children are taught geographical knowledge and skills which help them to understand the world around them, ask searching questions and formulate their own views and opinions.  

The planned geographical knowledge and skills enables our children to become responsible citizens who understand the human impact on the world and can consider their own views and actions. Using our locality and its richness is an essential part of our geography curriculum and supports our children to make safe choices and be positive and active citizens in our local, national and international community. 

Geography Long Term Plan


Our history curriculum provides children with high quality learning opportunities which inspire curiosity and fascination about the past. Children are taught historical knowledge and the necessary skills needed to provide them with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  

The planned historical knowledge and skills enable our children to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, and develop judgement. Children will understand the process of change, appreciate diversity of societies, relationships between different events and times, and ultimately gain historical perspective. 

History Long Term Plan